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Jun 1, 2004

NetSimplicity Doubles Product Portfolio; Brings Scheduling Relief to Small Businesses, Schools and Families On-The-Go

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 2004--NetSimplicity, a leading provider of scheduling software, today announced the delivery of three new "Get Smart About Scheduling" products designed for small businesses, schools, colleges, universities and even families on-the-go.

The three robust new products -- Resource Scheduler, Classroom Manager and Family Scheduler -- address markets that NetSimplicity has identified as needing immediate scheduling assistance.

With Resource Scheduler, users can now easily schedule virtually any pooled resource such as equipment, sports courts, and car fleets. Classroom Manager solves the problems of coordinating classroom schedules in educational institutions, handling literally any number of classrooms, departments or buildings. Family Scheduler is NetSimplicity's first foray into the consumer market, offering a way for frenzied families to bring order to their currently hectic lives filled with soccer games, school functions, birthday parties and other activities.

With the delivery of the three new solutions, NetSimplicity more than doubles its offerings on the market. The company's portfolio of offerings include its flagship product, Meeting Room Manager, and its easy-to-use asset management product, Visual Asset Manager.

"We're pleased to deliver these new products to the market," said Nancy Harris, Vice-President of Software at NetSimplicity, a division of Forgent (Nasdaq:FORG). "Our primary mission is always to help people get smart about scheduling. We've continued our successful approach of developing easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, high-value scheduling products and have extended our offerings to now include the ability to schedule people, places and things."

Boasting more than 900 customers, the company markets its products to organizations of all sizes, across all industries. In particular, the company has developed a rich installed base of customers in the small-medium business sector and in the legal, education and healthcare industries.

Resource Scheduler is designed to allow users to schedule anything that is a shared resource. For example, many companies with equipment shared throughout the workforce, such as personal computers, combined work spaces and kiosks, currently utilize a "check-in, check-out" policy. The new web-based Resource Scheduler allows users access to information about what's available and enables them to schedule the resource for a specific time slot, as needed.

Classroom Manager allows users to schedule classrooms within any department, building or campus. Educational institutions, as well as organizations needing to schedule training rooms and participants, can use Classroom Manager to get students and instructors in the right place at the right time.

The third new release, Family Scheduler, is an easy-to-install, simple-to-use solution for any family that needs to schedule multiple activities and stay organized. A real time-saver, it's designed to help parents effortlessly keep track, by family member, of daily events for school, extra-curricular activities, doctor's appointments, neighborhood get-togethers and the like.

About NetSimplicity

NetSimplicity provides a spectrum of scheduling software that enables all sizes of organizations to streamline the scheduling of people, places and things. The company's offerings include Meeting Room Manager, the company's flagship product that provides web-based room scheduling capabilities, and Visual Asset Manager, an easy-to-use product for managing corporate assets. For additional information, visit NetSimplicity is a division of Forgent (Nasdaq:FORG).

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