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May 11, 2004

NetSimplicity Software Makes It Easy To Manage Family Schedules; Family Scheduler Software Lets Families Use Home PCs to Organize Appointments & Activities

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2004--Ask any family the biggest challenge they face each day and they're almost certain to say "finding time for all of our activities." With that in mind, NetSimplicity today announced Family Scheduler software, a unique scheduling and tracking solution that pulls together each family member's activities and collectively organizes them on a single page.

Affordably priced at $49.00 (USD) and downloadable, Family Scheduler offers priceless peace of mind in a customizable and easy-to-use format that home PC users will readily appreciate.

Most parents today know just how hard it is to juggle multiple activities, whether for themselves, their children or both. It all boils down to the question of "who's going where and when are they going?" With soccer games here, music lessons there, tutoring after school and birthday parties every weekend, the list of daily activities can go on and on. Family Scheduler software offers a way to eliminate the confusion and the stress that might otherwise result.

"I can see here on my PC that I've got three things to handle at once," said Elise Sillers, an Austin, Texas mother who puts Family Scheduler to good use every day. "But this allows me to take one look at who's busy, what's the activity, what time they have it and where the overlap is."

A practical and unique advantage of Family Scheduler is its ability to show all family members and their activities on a single screen. The idea sounds simple enough, but has been largely unavailable until now. While there are alternatives on the market in the form of basic calendars, Family Scheduler is the first product that organizes by each individual family member, rather than simply by dates.

"Families need to see everything at a glance," said Richard Snyder, Chairman and CEO of NetSimplicity. "With Family Scheduler, they can enter information for each person and then view it all at once. You get an instant snapshot of what's going on by day, week, month or year."

Family Scheduler also allows users to print off hard copy pages if needed, ideal for those families that might still prefer to post their schedules on a bulletin board. Schedules can be attached to emails and sent to other recipients who may need access to the information. A web-based version is also expected to be offered in the near future.

Family Scheduler was recently selected by ABC-TV for its newest reality-based television program. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" chose the software to be included in a new home that was built for a widowed mother and her nine children. The idea was to help the family "get organized."

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